“By talking about … infertility loss openly, … we encourage those living in silence to begin sharing their stories.”

– Cristy, Washington

“What an important conversation to have. Thanks for giving a forum to the voices of people who have been profoundly changed by infertility.”

– Lavender Luz, Colorado

“Little by little, I hope we are chipping away at the stone wall…”

– Mali, New Zealand

“I cannot thank you enough for this project. I am far from having your and Pamela’s courage.”

– Lara, India

“A missing voice in this infertility world.”

– Morgan Similuk National Institute of Health (NIH)

“I’ve had the “it’s time to quit” talk with couples many times—I remember them all. …Having couples hear from the likes of you matters- you’ve been there.”

– John Gilkey, MD